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Ba, N. X., Faculty of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Hue University
Baba, A. R., Livestock Programme, Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Baba, S., Department of Socio Economic, Faculty of Animal Science, Hasanuddin University
Bachtiar, A., Faculty of Animal Science, Andalas University
Balcells, J., Departamento de Ciencia Animal, Universidad de Lleida
Baliarti, E., Faculty of Animal Science, Gadjah Mada University
Ban-Tokuda, T., Mie University
Barufatti, A., Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Federal University of Grande Dourados
Batubara, I., Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University
Bezerra, M. G. S., Federal University of the Semi-Arid Region, Program in Soil and Water Management
Bintari, I. G., Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Airlangga University
Birhanie, M., Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, Mekelle Center
Boediono, A., Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University
Budhi, S. P. S., Faculty of Animal Science, Gadjah Mada University
Budiansyah, A., Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of Jambi
Budiarto, A., Animal Husbandry Faculty, Brawijaya University
Budiman, C., Department of Animal Production and Technology, Faculty of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural University