Proporsi dan Karakteristik Spermatozoa X dan Y Hasil Separasi Kolom Albumin

F Afiati


The objectives of this research was to know the proportion and cha-racteristic of sperm after separated by albumen column technique. To identify the sperm bearing X, Y chromosome, the head of sperm from the fresh semen and the separated sperm were measured by morfometric method. The length and the width of the head sperm from fresh semen (9.21 and 5.10 m) were smaller than up fraction (9.68 and 5.44 µm) and similar with bottom fraction (9.15 and 5.14 µm). The proportion of X, Y spermatozoa from fresh semen (43 : 57) were significantly different (P < 0.01) compare to up fraction (80.88 : 19.12). However, almost similar with bottom fraction (41.80 : 58.82). The motility and sperm plasm membrane intact of spermatozoa from fresh semen were (77.5 and 79.68%) significantly higher (P < 0.01) compare to X spermatozoa (70.83 and 62.04%) and also Y spermatozoa (75 and 63.1%). The abnormality of sperm from fresh semen (2.17%) was significantly lower (P < 0.01) compare to X spermatozoa (6.32%) and Y spermatozoa (7.91%). These results showed that the sperm after separated by albumen column technique could be used for artificial insemination. 

Key words : sperm plasm, membrane intact, motility, albumin column

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