Hormone-Immunity Response of Premenopausal Women Intervened with Skim Milk Based Functional Drink Supplemented with 100 mg Soy Isoflavone and 8 mg Zn-sulfate (Susumeno)

Heri Winarsi, Deddy Muchtadi, Fransiska R Zakaria, B Purwantara


The study was conducted to evaluate the effect of intervention of skim milk based functional drink supplemented with 100 mg of soy isoflavone and 8 mg of Zn-sulfate (susumeno) on serum estradiol and thymulin hormones levels of permenopausal women. After 2 month of intervention, the estradiol levels did not change, and the levels were in the range of 39,16 – 41,99 pg/ml. However the thymulin hormone levels increased significantly from 2,37 µg/ml to 3,31 µg/ml. Increase in thymulin levels shows that the disfuction of immune system of premenopausal could be improved by the functional drink.

Key words : Estradiol, thymulin, soy isoflavone, Zn, premenopausal women.


Estradiol; thymulin; soy isoflavone; Zn; premenopausal women.

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