Spectroscopic Characteristics of Antibacterial Component of Atung (Parinarium glaberrimum Hassk) Seeds

Murhadi ., Soewarno T S, Betty S.L Jennie, Anton Apriyantono, Sedarnawati Yasni


Relative purity assay on antibacterial components (isolates) of “atung” seeds using HPLC system (linier gradient of water-methanol, detection on UV at 280/254 nm) showed that the isolate-9 had the highest purity (94%), followed by isolate-6 (69%), isolate-7 (66%), and isolate-12 (66%) respectively; while the other isolates only had 50% of purity. The UV-Visible spectrophotometer analysis on the isolate-9, showed that the λmax (in methanol) were at 213 and 269 nm. From IR spectrum of the isolate, no more information can be obtained except the presence of C-H stretching. Furthermore, the MS spectrum showed that the fragment ion series of 44 (100%), 57, 69, 83, 97, 115, maybe predicted as aliphatic amine compounds.
Key word : Relative purity, methanol, C-H Stretching, fragment ion series, aliphatic amine compounds.


Relative purity; methanol; C-H Stretching; fragment ion series; aliphatic amine compounds.

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