agriculture; biosystem; mechanics; engineering

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Daniel Saputera
Vol 14, No 2 (2000): Buletin Keteknikan Pertanian Particle Size Effect in Model Retaining Wall on Passive Mode with Granular Material Abstract   PDF
. Erizal, Toshinori Sakai
Vol 11, No 1 (1997): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

Nowdays, greenhouse is becoming popular in tropical country for plant cultivations, which the main reason is fbrplant protection against unwanted distwbances i.e. from heavy rainfall, wind, pest and so on. Since most of the greenhouse are covered with transparence material such as glass plate, plastic sheet, fiberglass etc., the greenhouse effect will take place accordingly causing a temperature rise that is usually higher than that of the outside. It turns out that this rising temperature becomes a major problem that will have negative effects on the plant growth. This research aims to control the temperature in the greenhouse by applying a Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC), first by maintaining a constant temperature in the greenhouse and secondly, by trying to equalize the temperature in the greenhouse to that of the outside. The experiment was canied.out at a small scale with the greenhouse dimension of (1 00 x 120 x 100) c d Heet fnun the greenhouse was expelled using an exhaust fan. The power of the fan was: contfv& the FLC subjected to the real temperaturn changes with time. The results sh~wtha t the FLC could pe~formg oad function of a temperature controller for the greenhouse.. It couM control the temperature in the greenhouse under the expected conditions end explained the energy consumption throughout the process.


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Eko D Saptoto, Budi I Setiawan, Marzan A Iskandar
Vol 12, No 1 (1998): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

During vegetative growth period, sugarcane required a lot of water but decreasing afterward and minimum at ripening period. Sugarcane water requirement was calculated by radiation method and USDA (1969) method was used to determinate effective rainfall. Average of monthly actual evapotranspiration (ETa) was calculated by the available soil water index. The total of water requirement of sugarcane (1-12 month) was around 37.38 mmlmonth to 143.22 mmlmonth. The highest water requirement was found at age of 4 to 9 month, while the lowest was in the ripening period. Accordingly drip irrigation should be operated at maximum water use of about 3.96 mm/day, or by sprinkle irrigation not less than 118.70 mm/mounth.

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Herlika Asriasuri, Nora H Pandjaitan
Vol 12, No 1 (1998): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

Baru-baru ini Gustav Grob (1996) mengingatkan lagi prediksi Club of Rome di awal tahun 1970-an bahwa bahan bakar fossil, yang sifatnya meneemarkan lingkungan, dan tak terbarukan kian berkurang keberadaannya dan dalam waktu dekat harus diganti dengan sumber energi terbarukan yang lebih bersahabat dengan lingkungan seperti sumber-sumber energi surya, biomassa, angin, hidro, dll. Ketergantungan kita atas bahan bakar fosil mungkin akan berlanjut sampai beberapa dekade lagi tetapi dalam jumlah yang jauh lebih kecil dari apa yang di konsumsikan sebelum tahun 2000 seperti terlihat pada Gambar 1 (Grob, 1996)


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Kamaruddin Abdullah
Vol 11, No 1 (1997): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

Crude palm oil is one of export comodities of Indonesia. Theme, it is of crucial importance to improve the quality of crude palm oil (CPO) through the process of CPO production. This paper discusses the design and implementation of an automatic process control for crude palm oil clarification. The automatic control system proposed herein is suppoded by a computer which performs intensive computation to determine the correct volume of water required for a CPO clarification process. The computer is also used to monitor and maintain a desired temperature during the process. The implementation results indicate promising performance of the system control.

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Lloyd ., Kudang B Seminar, Purboyo Guritno
Vol 12, No 1 (1998): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

The goal of the housing programme is to realize affordable or low cost housing construction for low income society, to improve access to basic services in urban and rural areas and promotion of local building materials. Waste material of rice straw is potential to be used as building materials becaue it contains fibres, SiD2 (if it is mixed with cement, it is possible to form calcium silicate hydrate), wax, pentosan, and lignin. This material is relatively cheap and easiZv available ill the immediate vicinity. The addition of organic materials of the rice straw ill manufacturing panel board is intended to improve the panel quality such as strength, light weight, an thermal properties.

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Abdul Rozak, Sri Mudiastuti, Aim Abdurachim Idris
Vol 11, No 1 (1997): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

Freeze drying of food materials is a time and energy consuming process, hence a high cost process. The drying rate is limited by heat and mass transfer process within the dried portion of the product. In order to improve the freeze drying performance, it is important to know parameters which affect the drying characteristics of each spesific food material, in regard to the drying time and the energy consumption. The objective of this experiment was to study the freeze drying characteristic of miched beef especially the effect of freezing rate and surface temperature of the material to the drying time.

The study was conducted with freezing rate at 7.71 cmhours and 1.94 cmhours which are classified into fast and slow freezing rate, while the surface temperature of the material was controlled at 40 OC, 35 OC, and 30 OC. The experimental results confirmed that the faster freezing rate then the longest drying time, while the higher surface temperature give a shorter drying time of miched beef. It is important to determine the optimal freezing rate and surface temperature from the view point of energy consumption.

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Yulia Lisnawati, Armansyah H Tambunan
Vol 11, No 1 (1997): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

This paper concerns with the development of a decision support package for chipper allocation at the transmigration land preparation area. It is intended to be used by chip entrepreneur on determining the most economical chipper allocation and man power requirement.

The package was developed by using Turbo Pascal, running well on the computers compatible with ISM PC (XT or AT) with minimum 640 Kb RAM and VGAISuper VGA monitor. Program testing showed that the program has a sufficient capability as a management tool.


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Irwan Ibnu Santoso, Setyo Pertiwi
Vol 12, No 2 (1998): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

Terminologi traktor beserta peralatan dan pengoperasiannya atau yang berkaitan dengan traktor, umumnya berasal dan berkembang dari negara-negara pembuat dan pengembang traktor pertanian. Ide awal dari penyusunan terminologi ini berasal dari usulan Prof. Dr. Jun SAKAI (JICA expert), dan diterima dengan baik oleh staf Laboratorium Alat dan Mesin Budidaya Pertanian, Jurusan Teknik Pertanian, FATETA, IPB, yang juga melihat perlunya penyusunan terminologi di bidang keteknikan pertanian agar orang-orang yang bergerak di bidang keteknikan pertanian berkomunikasi dalam istilah dengan pengertian yang sama.


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E Namaken Sembiring, Radite Praeko A S, I Nengah Suastawa, Tineke Mandang
Vol 12, No 1 (1998): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

The equipment that were bought from the manufacturer would have the data of reliability for example, MTTF (Mean Time To Failure), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) or MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), however these data only valid if the operation and maintenance condition are same with the operation and maintenance condition that were given by the manufacturer. If these condition could not be satisfied by the user then the data of MTTF, MTBF and MTTR that given by manufacturer could not be able as a refwence data of reliability.

This research aimed to devt?loped the statistical method of probability density fimtion which can be used on the data processing which are collected during operation and maintenance of the paper machine P. T Kertas Padalarang from 1980 to 1995. By processing these data, MTTF, MTBF or MTTR of the components can be determined.

To calculate the tofal failure probability of paper machine, the author used the sofrware of DFT (Diagram Fault Tree Analysis) that developed by'71 The result of this research is the total failure probability of paper machine is 0.999 at the operation time of 2000 hr. It is mean that at that operation time the machine has reached failure condition, may be it will stop suddenly. At that operation time, the reliability of machine is 0.001. The Operation time of 2000 hr could be able as a reference value for doing maintenance and repair.

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M Yamin, Kusmayanto Kadium, Hermawan Kresno Dipoyono
Vol 12, No 2 (1998): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

The ratio of specifc heat capacity, at constant presszrre to that at constant volume (cdc,J, of a gas can be determined by either the adiabatic expansion method or the sound velocity method. The objective of this experiment is apply the adiabatic expansion method for determining the spec$c heat capacity ratio of gas N2 and O2 The result showed that the ratio were 1.14 and 1.19 respectively for gas N2 and 02.T he value obtained by the experiment was d~flerenta bout 15 to 19% from the result determined by theoretical method using 5 degree of Jkeedom. Theoretically cdc,, of both gas N2 and 0 2 which have 5 degree offreedom are 1.4. The dzflerence was considered to be caused by thee xperimental condition, which were not suflciently adiabatic, as required by the method. However, the simplicity of the method and clarity of its theoretical approach is advantageous to be used by students of Advance Thermodynamic class as a practical exercise.

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Wiludjeng Trisasiwi, Dyah Wulandani, Kamaruddin Abdullah, Armansyah H Tambunan
Vol 12, No 1 (1998): Buletin Ketenikan Pertanian

The study on Work Load Calibration by using Step Test and Ergometer test was carried out in order to find the best way 10 calibrate the data measurement and to predict human work load by using heart rate data. This study was conducted on four male subjects. but the data analysis has just been done to three subjects due one of the subject was insufficient performance. The sport tester PE3000 heart rate monitor is used for measuring the heart rate data which will be useful for predicting the work load on each activity. The linear regression method is also used to predict the work load based on the heart rate data, so that the best alternative scenario data input will be able to determined by comparing the correlation coefficient or coefficient of determination.

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Roni Kastaman, Sam Herodian
Vol 5, No 2 (2017): JURNAL KETEKNIKAN PERTANIAN Pelapisan Lilin Karnauba dan Kitosan untuk Mempertahankan Mutu Wortel Kupas Abstract   PDF
Trisma Rezeki Zairisman, I Wayan Budiastra, Sugiyono Sugiyono
Vol 3, No 1 (2015): Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian Pelapis Nanokomposit untuk Pengawetan Salak Pondoh Terolah Minimal Abstract   PDF
Monika Marpaung, Usman Ahmad, Nugraha Edhi S
Vol 5, No 3 (2017): JURNAL KETEKNIKAN PERTANIAN Pemanfaatan Air Tanah Dangkal untuk Irigasi Padi Menggunakan Pompa Berbahan Bakar LPG Abstract   PDF
Agus Haryanto, Suharyadi Suharyadi, Budianto Lanya
Vol 5, No 1 (2017): JURNAL KETEKNIKAN PERTANIAN Pemanfaatan TKKS Sebagai Pengisi Komposit Epoxy Untuk Struktur Bergerak Mesin CNC Perkayuan Abstract   PDF
Farkhan ., Yohanes Aris Purwanto, Erizal Hambali, Wawan Hermawan
Vol 2, No 1 (2014): Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian Pembuatan Digital Elevation Model Resolusi 10m dari Peta RBI dan Survei GPS dengan Algoritma ANUDEM Abstract   PDF
Indarto ., Debby Rio Prasetyo
Riska Ekawita
Vol 20, No 3 (2006): Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian PEMERIKSAAN MUTU KARET RSS MENGGUNAKAN PENGOLAHAN CITRA Abstract   PDF
Usman Ahmad, Fahmi Riadi, I Dewa Made Subrata
Vol 2, No 1 (2014): Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian Pemetaan Indeks Stabilitas Tanah Menggunakan SINMAP di Sub-DAS Rawatamtu Abstract   PDF
Aulia Nafiza Andalina, Hamid Ahmad, Indarto .
Teti Syahrulyati, Surjono H. Sutjahjo, Soedodo Hardjoamidjojo
Vol 22, No 2 (2008): Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian Pemodelan Dan Simulasi Pengeringan Jagung Pipilan Dalam Pengering Rotari Tumpukan Abstract   PDF
Leopold Oscar Nelwan, I Nengah Suastawa, Sulikah .
Vol 3, No 2 (2015): JURNAL KETEKNIKAN PERTANIAN Pemodelan Daya Pengadukan selama Proses Dehidrasi Osmotik Irisan Mangga dalam Larutan Gula Abstract   PDF
Leopold O. Nelwan, Fibula Yudisaputro, Hiroshi Nabetani
Vol 2, No 1 (2014): Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian Pemodelan Lahan Basah Potensial Berdasarkan Indeks Topografi Di Bretagne, Prancis Abstract   PDF
Helena Ariesty, Blandine Lemercier, Lionel Bertheir, Roh Santoso Budi W, Satyanto K. Saptomo
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